Awesome Ways to Wear Vampire Nails Art

Vampire’s nails are the most popular nail art trend of 2016. The style is typically characterized by long, pointy fingernails with dark matte polish and a blood-red color on the tips. There are many ways to wear vampire nails, depending on your mood or occasion. Some people accentuate their look with glitter, while others prefer a more subtle approach with just one or two colors. Check out these excellent tutorials for some inspiration.

Vampire-esque nail art

Vampire’s nails are a hot new trend for this season. However, they’re not just for the nightlife scene. You can rock them to work and school and still be able to show off your sexy side! Check out these different ways you can wear vampire’s nails:

  • Dip your fingers in red nail polish and paint one nail at a time with black polish around the edges of the red color. This creates an edgy look that will make people stop you on the street!
  • Use white as your base color, then dab some dark pink or purple spots on top. This is perfect if you want something more subtle but still trendy enough to catch the attention of those around you. To finish it off, add some sparkles to your nails.

Vampires are all the rage lately, and it’s not hard to see why. The dark, mysterious aesthetic is incredibly appealing in today’s generation of edgy fashionistas. One way that you can get your vampy fix is by rocking some vampire nails art.

dracula nails

Dracula Vampire Halloween Nails

Vampire’s nails are a popular trend in nail art. They typically include black tips with blood red or deep purple colors on the underside of the nail. These nails look great during Halloween but can also be worn year-round.

Vampire’s nails are a popular trend for Halloween, but you don’t have to wait until October 31st to wear them. You can also use this technique for any other nail art design that you want to try out.

Start by painting your nails with black paint or black nail polish, then put on your chosen design using white paint or white nail polish. The easiest way is just freehanding it, but if you’re more of an advanced artist, go ahead and try drawing the design first before applying the color over it. Finish up by adding some red liquid latex (fake blood) in places with gaps in your desired pattern.